Construction Update

23 June 2023
23 June 2023
23 June 2023

Cashmere, Morayfield
Currently in Phase: 7
Completion & Inspection Of Works.

Construction on Cashmere estate has been successfully completed with all roads laid, all landscaping finalised and everything looking fantastic! We have lodged our final plans to be sealed and are going through the relevant authorities for final certifications in lead up to having the plans sealed. Once the plans are sealed we will lodge to the land titles office.

We currently forecast land titles mid to late August.

Phase 1

Plans & Permits 

This primary phase involves Council and ​Authority acceptance to confirm physical ​works may be allowed to commence at the ​site, often referred to as a development ​approval

Phase 2


This is when the machinery comes in and ​involves civil preparation of the site to achieve ​the final design. This included site scraping, ​shaping the existing ground, and construction ​of retaining walls if required. 

Phase 3

Sewer & Drainage

The essential infrastructural of the future ​community are laid down here, connecting ​every lot to the sewerage waste and water ​systems. 

Phase 4

Road Boxing / Kerb and Channel 

Here we see things really start to come ​together as the ground is prepared in order to ​lay down the lower layers of road pavement. ​Water mains are also installed, and the kerb ​and channel guttering are build into place. 

Phase 5

Electrical & Telecom

In this phase trenches are dug for the running of ​electrical and telecommunications cabling and ​wiring, preparing the way for power, phones and the ​internet to be connected. 

Phase 6

Footpaths & Asphalt  

The construction of footpaths, as well as for the ​topsoil of the community’s nature strips are then laid. ​Significantly, this phase also sees roads take shape ​with the laying of asphalt. 

Phase 7

Completion & Inspection of Works  

The Council and Service Authority perform final ​inspections before signing off on constructed works ​including roads and services. Final documentation is ​provided to Council, facilitating a Statement of ​Compliance for the development stage. 

Phase 8

Titles Office & Settlement

Have some champagne ready for this major ​milestone. This is the final step of the construction ​phase, where registration of individual lots from each ​stage occurs at the Titles Office, earmarking your ​block for settlement and opening it up for you to ​begin building your home.